Employee Survey: Tetra

Tetra Web based Employee Survey Software


Tetra is a fully automated employee survey which can give very detailed reports on employee opinions and views of any area of your business. Tetra enables you to gather data and opinions from all employees to help you target areas of your business that would benefit from further development. Tetra helps you to become more focused in your corporate objectives by helping you to pin down problem areas of the business.
  • Monitoring of completion histogram report
  • Flexible choice of questions
  • Question bank is benchmarked
  • Evidence is available at every question
  • Overall comments on each employee survey has a free text box
  • All answers and comments in Tetra are completely anonymous giving you a true reflection of employee opinions
Focus on your organisation (Image Credit: peasp)

All Online Profiling Ltd services common features

  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to use
  • Start and stop as often as you want
  • Systems can be fully customised to suit your needs
  • Can be easily configured to reflect your corporate image/colour-scheme
  • Include automatic email invites and reminders
  • Monitoring of completion
  • Built in on screen help
  • Easy to understand reports
  • Instant reports at end of process
  • Can easily integrate into your current HR systems (e.g. SQL/SAP/Oracle)
  • Integrates into your own existing Intranet
  • Multiple browser compliant (IE, Firefox, Safari etc)
  • Works on both PC and Mac
  • W3C Compliant
  • Externally hosted (no need to expand resources)
  • Reliable and secure
  • Expert support at all levels
  • All services comply with EFQM and Investors in People
  • Accessible online 24 hours a day

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