OPL e-Appraisal

OPL is a service that allows you to keep track of all employee appraisals in one easy to use system.

Key Points:

  • Publish your Skills and Competency Framework electronically – enable your people to easily/readily see what good practice is to your Company. Manage the framework, keeping it up to date and relevant to your values. Add to it and use information from our library of technical skills and knowledge, to give you an enterprise wide way of managing training and development.
  • Job Profiles – job content and skills profiles can be captured and compared. You can analyse jobs by grade, etc, so that career paths are more transparent. You can even record job evaluation scores for comparative purposes.
  • Personal Profiles - gap analysis can be produced graphically at the click of a mouse - Personal Development Plans can be linked to an on-screen version of your Training Catalogue or a Development Resource Guide. In fact we can link to both internal and external training provision, so that you can plan and administer training, and training spend, more effectively.
  • Help your staff plan and implement their own career development, through career paths, succession planning, etc.
  • Provide structure, guidance and support for the performance review process. Our system has built-in page specific help facilities, but can also hold other documents, guidance notes, FAQs, instructions, policy documents, business plans, generic objectives, etc. to make your lives easier.
  • Ensure you remain compliant - satisfy the requirements of any regulatory body.
  • Keep track of individual career aspirations

Specific features and benefits of the e-appraisal software:

Multiple review processes in a single system

  • From <100 to >30,000 users on a single system
  • Follows your existing Performance Review process
  • Instant monitoring of Review Process
  • Cascade corporate objectives and monitor completion
  • Holds any size or type of competency framework, including NVQs
  • Easily create and maintain a profile of the skills needed for any job
  • Measure the employee objectively against their job
  • Evidence based for supporting one to one discussion
  • Use the gap analysis to prioritise personal development plans (PDPs)
  • Learning resources for every competency at every level
  • Start and stop as often as you want, use it from home even, without losing track
  • Easy to use reports
  • Collective analysis of objectives
  • PDPs (Personal Development Plans)
  • ROI on training
  • Training Management software, just drag & drop!
  • Measure development outcomes
  • Produce Training Needs Analysis at the click of a mouse
  • Match people and jobs
  • Manage the performance review process
  • Plan resourcing, succession and manage talent with confidence
  • Manage training administration
  • Keep track of who has done their reviews
  • Track how the organisation is performing against strategic objectives

Measuring your organisation's skills (Image Credit Nick J Webb)

Measuring your success (Image Credit: nessienoodle)

All Online Profiling Ltd software common features

  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to use
  • Start and stop as often as you want
  • Systems can be fully customised to suit your needs
  • Can be easily configured to reflect your corporate image/colour-scheme
  • Include automatic email invites and reminders
  • Monitoring of completion
  • Built in on screen help
  • Easy to understand reports
  • Instant reports at end of process
  • Can easily integrate into your current HR systems (e.g. SQL/SAP/Oracle)
  • Integrates into your own existing Intranet
  • Multiple browser compliant (IE, Firefox, Safari etc)
  • Works on both PC and Mac
  • W3C Compliant
  • Externally hosted (no need to expand resources)
  • Reliable and secure
  • Expert support at all levels
  • All services comply with EFQM and Investors in People
  • Accessible online 24 hours a day

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