Welcome to Online Profiling Ltd

Online Profiling Ltd designs and delivers software and support for organisations aiming to enhance their performance through the assessment and development of their people. We can provide tailored systems and services that enable you to:

  • Define – what are the key skills and capabilities that make your business work
  • Assess – what levels of these skills and capabilities exist in your workforce
  • Develop – targeting skills development to deliver business improvement
  • Deliver – supporting leaders and their teams with effective interventions

This is achieved by:

  • developing competency profiles and frameworks for the skills your business needs and values
  • configuring our software to reflect your business priorities and role profiles
  • measuring individual, team and workforce capabilities via web-based assessment tools
  • providing accurate real-time information on skills and capabilities
  • identifying skill and capability gaps
  • determining and prioritising resourcing and development activities
  • monitoring development and progress to achieve measurable and sustainable benefits

Our aim is to provide pragmatic and flexible solutions to link your strategy and business objectives to the on-going assessment and develop of your workforce. We focus on providing reliable and adaptable software that is configured to reflect your structures, processes and people, whilst delivering measurable and sustainable benefits.

Founded in 2001, we have a wealth of experience in delivering versatile and reliable solution to a wide range of organisations in both corporate and public sectors. Our software is multi-platform, suitable for range of standard devices and works alongside existing systems such as Oracle and SAP. Systems can be design for just a few or tens of thousands of users and client applications are hosted on our secure servers powered by Rackspace, one of the world’s leading hosting providers.


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