HR Consultancy

Competence Frameworks

Online Profiling Ltd assists clients in identifying the competencies and skills that their employees need to demonstrate to fulfil their job roles. Using this information we help our clients build a Competence Framework which is used to identify training and development needs for job holders in their current role and also to aid their development for a future role.More Details>>

Personal Development Plans

Having helped clients identify the underlying competencies needed to fulfil roles within an organisation, the next step is to recognise ways of acquiring and developing those knowledge and skill sets. OPL can help clients identify and develop their learning resources via a simple yet practical way of building Personal Development Plans that really work. More Details>>


We offer expert individual and team performance coaching as a powerful means of focussing on particular development needs in order to maximise performance and personal effectiveness. OPL can develop and deliver coaching programmes specifically designed to suit your needs.More Details>>

Talent Management

Successfully managing the performance of people in the workplace enables clients to identify high performing employees. Online Profiling Ltd can help you recognise employees with potential, develop them to be as good as they can be and retain them within the organisation. It is most effective and efficient to develop your own talent than to recruit it in from the marketplace


We live in a dynamic world, little remains static and many businesses find that they have to reorganise their structure and their people. Businesses need to attract and retain the best people. We specialise in offering independent assessment centres to inform selection decisions for recruitment, promotion, redeployment and down-sizing. Our Assessment centres deliver objective, evidenced results, free from the potential impact of internal bias and our software provides an ideal tool to assist with on-going recruitment, promotion and redeployment decisions.

Performance Management

We have a core belief that if we are setting out on a journey then its best that we know where we are going! We believe that the aims, objects and value sets held dear by the owners or managers of a organisation are best cascaded down the organisation so that the efforts of everybody within the organisation are focused in the same direction. We can help clients cascade objectives in a format so that everybody within the organisation knows exactly what they are responsible for delivering. The first step in managing performance is to clearly state the role and responsibilities of each personís role and what their current objectives are.More Details>>



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